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DiscJockeys.com was first launched in 2003 and has become the official entertainment directory online today. Our goal is to provide up-to-date information on the most trusted local mobile entertainment services in every city in the US and Canada. We leveraged the power of our domain, DiscJockeys.com, into a web site that has become the defacto #1 online directory for researching and locating DJ entertainment services throughout the world. We have also taken great care to make your visit to DiscJockeys.com as quick, simple, and informational as possible.

There is NO cost to use our site... It's FREE!!  If you are a visitor searching for an entertainment service for your next event in your local area, use DiscJockeys.com to search our database of entertainment services: Disc Jockeys, Photographers, Videographers, Photo booth operators, Limo (transportation) services, wedding planners, and much more! DiscJockeys.com has been carefully designed and engineered to help you easily search and view a list of the most up-to-date professional vednors and services available for your Wedding DJ, Birthday DJ, Anniversary DJ, Company Party DJ, Corporate Event DJ, Bar/Bat Mitzvah DJ, School Function DJ, Reunion DJ... any event!

The 2nd version of the site, launched in mid 2012, was our second major update. We added new functionality and completely re-wrote the logic, redesigned all of the graphics, and created faster functionality throughout the entire site so your experience is quicker and more focused. We will continue to update and include more user friendly features in the future.

Our latest version, the one you see today. In mid 2016, this newest version of DiscJockeys.com was launched and again completely re-designed with brand new code, this time written for all mobile devices and utilizing the latest technology available.

DiscJockeys.com was registered initially in 1995, created, researched, developed and founded solely by "entertainment" entrepreneur, Andrew Starr. Andrew has many years of experience in the music entertainment business in clubs, private events (mobiles) and radio broadcasting. He used his knowledge and years of experience to put DiscJockeys.com online and available to you.

Andrew has had many years of success and a wealth of experience and knowledge in the mobile DJ business (owner & operator, plus wedding DJ, company DJ & High School DJ); Nightclub owner (Scottsdale, AZ & Denver, CO); nightclub head DJ; Managing a record label (Powerhouse Records); Most acclaimed... Pioneering, creating, and producing the world's first worldwide syndicated weekly radio program, called Hot Mix; plus other businesses unrealted to entertainment.

Pioneers of radio "mix" shows:

Most notably, our founder, Andrew is known as the original owner and co-creator of Hot Mix RadioNetwork along with club DJ extraordinaire, and business partner (1985-95) Dave Rajput (originally from Chicago). Dave and Andrew took their local weekend radio "mix" show, initially heard in Phoenix, Arizona, and syndicated the program though-out the USA and Canada, and eventually around the world. "Hot Mix" was the first radio program of it's kind ever heard on radio stations in most US cities and countries worldwide. The creation of "Hot Mix" has paved the way for what is standard/generic radio programming heard today on Hit music radio stations every weekend, afternoon, drivetime and evenings, globally!

DiscJockeys.com LLC, a subsidiary of Starr World Enterprises, LLC. Our headquarters are located in beautiful-sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.

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DiscJockeys.com has the widest coverage in wedding entertainment. We list the top professional DJ services and Wedding DJs all over the country and around the world. We have the best New York DJ services. Atlanta DJ services, Tampa DJ services, Loa Angeles DJ Services. and most in-demand New Jersey DJ services, the most popular Chicago Wedding DJ services, the most experienced Los Angeles Wedding DJs, and the most versatile Florida wedding DJs. These Wedding disc jockeys (Wedding DJs) stand out in the industry of wedding entertainment and give us the confidence to claim that we are the foremost wedding discjockeys provider in the country.

Wedding disc jockeys are masters of wedding entertainment. Wedding DJs have loads of titles of the top wedding songs so they can guarantee that music requests are always satisfied. Wedding discjockeys are able to influence the mood of the occasion by playing the top wedding songs from prelude music lists during the wedding ceremony up to the last dance music during the reception. Wedding reception discjockeys are instinctively trained to feel the emotional atmosphere and can therefore be relied on to play the most appropriate music needed in every moment of the occasion.

You can trust every wedding reception DJ in our list to be equipped with the latest electronic and audio equipment which are standard requirements to any wedding DJ.

Top weddings songs and high-tech audio equipment however are nearly half of the reason why wedding reception disc jockeys are very important. Wedding discjockeys are called in for one good reason - those who are involved in the occasion, don't want to be bothered by it. That is why wedding reception disc jockeys are expected to be the main facilitators of the program. As facilitators, wedding reception disc jockeys are quick witted and are very wise with their judgments. This is because there are always unexpected circumstances that arise during the reception. A seasoned wedding reception DJ always knows what to do when these circumstances arise and they solve the problem without bothering those who are suppose to enjoy the celebration. A good wedding DJ is particularly aware of social conventions and protocols but can conveniently add humor to any formal occasion. A wedding reception DJ is always an excellent emcee. One of our wedding reception DJ when asked how good he was as an emcee by a customer, answered confidently, "Not a single soul will be offended and not a drop of spirit will get bored on my watch." That is the same advice we give all our customers for every wedding DJ that we keep as our partners.

Another thing that sets a wedding disc jockey apart from the rest of the wedding discjockeys in the business is their consciousness to draw away from them, the people's attention, into the real stars of the celebration - the Bride and Groom. These wedding disc jockeys understand their role as facilitators of the occasion. Wedding DJs abide in one of the prime commandments of wedding entertainment "never compete with the couple for popularity."

What DiscJockeys.com Has to Offer DiscJockeys.com thrives on the idea that real fun and entertainment as well as photo and video coverage on weddings and other occasions should be handled by highly experienced professionals. That is why DiscJockeys.com has gathered the best and highly equipped professionals in the field of party service entertainment. If you are in need of any of the following services, you can browse this site and get the value of your time and the assurance of quality and affordable entertainment services:



DJ Entertainment

Entertainment has never been the same with the advent of the DJ entertainment brought about by DJs who want nothing but the optimum form of entertainment. If you think that a DJ is just a mere someone who does nothing but play music all day and all night long, well, I suggest that you expand your knowledge. One thing is for sure, entertainment for a party or any other event will never be complete without a DJ who stands by and making sure that everything is done with ease.

DJ Entertainment Music Service

DJ Entertainment Music Service is what you need when you want to enjoy a very lively party that suit's to your taste and need. A DJ Entertainment Music Service is more than just your ordinary entertainment or DJ service. Disc jockeys at DJ entertainment music service have everything in the world of entertainment to give you. An example of the DJ's knowledge includes fine, well-chosen music, or optimum entertainment service to make everyone laugh to the core. Thus, it is wise to call a DJ entertainment music service to consult for your parties and special events.